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Reasons why a sump pump could fail and ways to avoid.


Barretta Inc can repair or replace your existing sump pump-or possibly add to what you currently have for optimal protection


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Overwhelmed Sump Pump

A single sump pump may not be enough to handle heavy rain, and an inexpensive model is more likely to fail. During heavy rains, the sump pump can malfunction due to overwhelming water flow. Upgrading a pump or using multiple pumps may be the best solution.

An overwhelmed sump pump can lead to motor burnout and a stuck switch due to debris accumulation or a broken check valve. To choose the best sump pump for your property, determine the required horsepower. Consider factors such as basement depth, temperature, sump pit size, and flood likelihood. Consult with a professional if unsure.

 Clogged Pumps

If a sump pump doesn't have a lid, it can get clogged and dirty over time, leading to reduced efficiency or complete failure. Over time, the float switch can clog or jam, leading to malfunctioning, especially in less expensive models. Both regular maintenance of and a lid on the sump pump can prevent clogs due to dirt and debris buildup

Frozen or Blocked Drainage Pipes

Clear and covered sump pumps transport water out of the basement and away from the foundation during winter. Sump pumps fail when discharge lines freeze or clog. For example, a clogged discharge line can cause a sump pump to constantly turn on and off. Check for any clogging or blockages in the discharge lines that direct water away from the property.

Regular cleaning and covering of the sump pump discharge line with a screened vent cap or grate can prevent clogging due to foreign objects. Insulation or heat tape can also prevent clogging due to freezing temperatures.

Wrong Size Pump

An incorrectly sized sump pump is a common problem that can lead to failure and reduced lifespan. If the sump pump is too large, it will have to work harder than necessary to pump out water, which can cause wear and tear on the pump. This can lead to a shorter lifespan for the pump. On the other hand, a pump that is too small may not be able to pump out enough water.

 Power Failure

During a storm, power outages can cause a sump pump to fail, leaving the basement vulnerable to flooding. Power surges can damage sump pump components. The best approach is to invest in a service entrance surge protection device to protect the entire electrical system in the home. Investing in a backup sump pump with high-capacity battery backups can also help battle floodwaters during storms.

 Stuck Switch

The float switch in a sump pump can cause problems if it is faulty, restricted, or stuck. Lack of maintenance and debris accumulation in the basin are the main causes of sump pump switch problems. Cleaning the basin and repositioning the pump can solve the problem.

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